"For decades Abbyson Living has enjoyed a remarkable history defined by hard work, imaginative vision, and a one-of-a-kind design style that passionately embraces beauty and celebrates the cultural aesthetics of an increasing interconnected world."

Our founder, Abby, is an award-winning designer, visionary, and philanthropist. As a young man he earned a Ph.D. in Economics in Houston, Texas. With a burning curiosity to learn more about other places and people, Abby then traveled across Europe and Asia. Attracted and inspired by the rich and colorful cultures he encountered, he fell in love with functional art and artistic design.

Upon his return he launched Abbyson. Under his leadership the Abbyson family has evolved into a legendary international furniture company built upon the premise of comfortable luxury, finely crafted beauty, incomparable quality, and a customer-centric business philosophy.

After years of import and export experience, Abby formed the Abbyson Corporation and started importing one-of-a-kind Tibetan products. Shortly thereafter, the famous Abbyson lead logo symbolized growth, abundance and prosperity. Inspired by Tibetan culture, Abbyson makes a lifelong commitment to help support the export of Tibet's products and develop several philanthropic programs to support Tibetan children.

Abbyson opens a showroom & warehouse in Rolling Hills Estates, CA and soon after opens its first factory in Asia. Abbyson designs its first collection of hand-knotted Tibetan Rugs and begins importing one-of-a-kind hand-crafted antiques from Tibet.

Abbyson moves to a 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Southern California and opens a permanent showroom at the IHFC Designer Center in High Point, NC. Abbyson Corporation also opens Abbyson official headquarters in Asia in close proximity to several Abbyson factories.

Abbyson designs its signature Park Avenue Collection and opens its first showroom in the World Market Center (Las Vegas). Abbyson is listed in Inc. 500 Magazine for the first time as one of its Fastest Growing Private Companies. In 2005 Abbyson sees its greatest year of growth.

Abbyson launches a new collection of rugs and furniture including modern upholstered goods for bedroom, dining room, living room and office. Abbyson partners with its first mass market retailer, selling Abbyson products in-store and online. A Contemporary fabric line is added to Abbyson's collection and soon after featured on Furniture Today & Home Textiles Today. In 2007, Abbyson creates joint ventures with top European design companies Sagsa and Musterring to broaden its offering.

By popular demand of Abbyson expands it range of products and officially becomes a complete home furnishings provider at the release of its Park Avenue Collection. Abbyson fuels this growth by continually adding innovative designs to its collections including the Fairfax & Adams Morgan Collections which debuted to record sales. Abbyson products are featured in over 20 magazines & websites including Furniture Style, HFN, Furniture Today, Home Accents and Home Furnishings Business. Abbyson products begin selling on Neiman Abbyson Living is launched to serve the rapidly growing online retail market segment.

Abbyson introduces over fifty new leather products including sofas, chairs and accent pieces. In 2010, the company announces its ground-breaking drop ship business model to meet with the demands of its rapidly growing online clients. The new website was launched in 2010, featuring its new customer service model and hundreds of product videos.

Abbyson Living partners up with Direct Buy, selling popular Abbyson Living Furnishings from over 150 stores nation wide while concurrently announcing a partnership with Sustainable Furnishings Council to solidify its role as an industry leader for sustainability and eco-responsibility. As a leading online brand, Abbyson Living begins to offer new co-op marketing strategies and support for its retailers through national marketing and advertising campaigns. Abbyson continues to expand its e-commerce footprint, selling through all of the major online channels. Abbyson also launched sister brands, such as its Mattress line, Abbyson Comfort.

Abbyson Living celebrates its 30 year anniversary by launching a new brand platform which includes a renewed brand identity and solidified market position based on its core values and its always innovative market approach. Abbyson's growth has expanded its visibility into a strong celebrity following and placement on several popular TV programs, including Design Star and The Voice. Abbyson is constantly looking for new inspirations for its vast product line as well as increasingly better ways to serve its customers. Abbyson Living receives recognition from the House of Representatives for creating jobs in the USA and for its community.

Abbyson Living is featured in the 2nd Annual Inc. Hire Power Awards for creating jobs, within the private businesses that have generated the most jobs in the past 18 months. Abbyson Living signs a licensing agreement with Celebrity Designer Monica Pedersen to create a new furniture collection. The licensing agreement is a new initiative for Abbyson Living and is the first of many more licensing deals that lies ahead.

Abbyson Living is featured on TNT's new reality series Inside Job, marking their first national television appearance.

Abbyson Living broadens their horizons with a number of projects that have taken them to the next level. They move their headquarters to a massive facility, combining their California warehouses, while creating space for expanding their brand. They recently partnered with a leather tannery, so that manufacturing of all furniture and quality control an even more streamline process. They are always adding new, fresh styles and categories to their already successful brand. As Abbyson Living grows, they have always kept their integrity, which is what is driving their success and expansion.

Abbyson Living is rebranded with “All Together Now” campaign, gearing toward the Millennial demographic with an even more vast array of product categories and designs. A redesigned website refreshes the Abbyson image while making functionality more user-friendly. Abbyson returns to the High Point for the October Market, introducing the Omni-Channel Program and Designer Trade Program. Abbyson opens a new 3PL facility in Los Angeles, bringing the company’s total distribution storage to three quarters of a million square feet.

Abby's business travels around the world

Abbyson Offices 1990s

Abby personally inspecting quality

The Abbyson Family

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