"As brand-name home furnishings company, Abbyson Living is being recognized as an active contributor for a sustainable and eco-responsible environment. We develop and practice business strategies that demonstrate commitment to a healthy and sustainable future."

Green Initiative


As an eco-friendly business, we adopt principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for our customers and employees.

Sustainable Furnishings Council is a leader for green initiatives for the Home Furnishings Industry. With over 400 members, the company is quickly growing as the largest organization of its' kind in residential furnishings. Their mission going forward is to provide the best education, promotion, and networking opportunities available to capitalize on rising consumer interest by developing many more sustainable earth-friendly options.

Abbyson Living is making a conscious effort to protect our beautiful environment while continuing to thrive in the home furnishings industry. The Abbyson Living staff is committed to developing new and innovative methods to improve everything we produce, from our designs, products, packaging and logistical efforts. We also make conscious effort in our daily lives and in all Abbyson Living offices to conserve paper, water and energy. We believe by making small daily changes in everything we do will have a positive impact on the environment.

Over 35 years ago Abbyson Living began designing and manufacturing eco-friendly organic hand-knotted Tibetan rugs and has continued their green initiatives since the inception of our brand-name home furnishing collections.

Abbyson Living offers a wide range of smart eco-friendly packaging materials. Through smart manufacturing methods and a responsible "green" campaign, we can be successful in minimizing the harm inflicted upon our planet.

Since 2008, we have converted our catalogues to a light-weight paper material and reduced the size of several catalogue formats. Most importantly, we have made our catalogue available for view via PDF directly on our website in order to conserve paper and energy. We only print and deliver catalogs for special requests.

Furthermore, Abbyson Living is committed to donating a percentage of our sales to the protection and conservation of our environment.

Abbyson Living also introduced an eco-friendly customer rewards program! We will offer special product promotions, discounts and membership rewards for customers with eco-friendly homes and businesses. Let us know how green your living environment is and what you are doing to help save our planet.

Abbyson Living is
a proud partner of the
Sustainable Furnishings Council

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