Shipping Information

"Delivering furniture is not just about receiving your new product. It's about the experience and peace of mind. A pleasant delivery experience means convenience for you and satisfaction for us. We invite you to enjoy the solutions that Abbyson has spent years to develop in order to provide you with world-class delivery."

Abbyson offers a white glove in-home delivery service in partnership with third-party shipping companies. When indicated, these items are brought into your home, unpacked and assembled, and the packaging is taken away. Delivery is by appointment; Monday - Friday in all areas; Saturday delivery in some areas. In-Home Delivery is available in the contiguous 48 states. Please contact your sales representative for details.


Our expedited delivery means that for stock orders, your furniture will be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks.


Furniture, rugs and other large items are bulky, and can be heavy, so these items have a delivery and processing surcharge; this charge is an additional charge.


Delivery Driver Utility Box Checklist

• Clean Towel
• Furniture Wipes
• Furniture Pens
• Tools – Drill, Drill Bits, Wrenches, Screwdrivers
• Spare Hardware – Female Inserts, Shelf Pegs, Male / Female Brackets
• Hand Cleaner Wipes
• Protective Blades
• Gloves
• Booties
• Scissors
• Door Hangers

En Route and On-Site Procedure

The driver’s assistant is responsible for mapping the course on the GPS and performing courtesy calls. You, as the customer, must receive a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to delivery unless noted differently on the delivery form.

The driver should not write on the delivery form unless writing inspection findings for a pick up or there is extenuating circumstances.

Abbyson's White Glove Delivery Experience

1. The delivery company will call you 30 minutes prior to arrival. This is a courtesy call to let you know that we are on our way and should arrive in about 30 minutes.

2. The delivery team will use the lift gate to take the furniture off the truck.

3. You will be greeted and asked where you would like your furniture to be placed.

4. The delivery men will decide where the best location is to open the furniture (for rain, it will be opened indoors). The box will gently be set down and opened from the bottom with a protective blade. Then assembly will take place.

5. The furniture will then be carried in with care as not to bump or scrape anything.

6. The delivery members will finish unwrapping the furniture and arrange it where you choose and finish the assembly. The furniture must be completely and properly assembled (including legs, backrests, shelves, doors, etc…).

7. A clipboard and pen will be provided for you to sign. It is important for our delivery members to allow you to inspect the furniture before signing and dating the paperwork.

8. Small questions can be answered by the delivery team. If there is an issue that the team cannot resolve easily, the driver will let you know that he will step outside to call his office. The delivery team’s dispatch supervisor will report the issue directly to Abbyson Living to provide a resolution and the delivery team will not leave until released by their dispatch supervisor. In the event of an after-hours delivery, the dispatch supervisor may speak directly to you and will notify Abbyson Living on the next business day.

Once you have signed and dated the paperwork, you will be handed a yellow copy and an attached Thank You form.

9. Congratulations! You are now the owner of a brand new Abbyson Living furniture!

White Glove Delivery

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