measuring your room

"Prior to placing your order with any of our preferred retailers , it is important that you consider where the items will be placed, and any potential delivery obstacles."

measuring your room

Before purchasing an exclusive Abbyson Living collection, be sure to consider windows, shutters, closets, heating vents, and electrical outlets in the room. Be sure to include all items you plan to purchase, and include smaller items such as accent tables, benches, and ottomans as they may have a space impact in any room.

It is important that your furniture be able to be delivered through all entry ways, elevators and up or down any stairways. Measure the height and width of your entry ways, including staircases, hallways, elevator doors and interiors. Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings and interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells, and banisters that may be obstacles once items are inside. Consider the furniture to be delivered and determine if it can go straight through entry ways or if it will have to go in at an angle or on end.

Measuring Your Electronics and Components

If you are purchasing an exclusive Abbyson Living entertainment console, be sure to measure your television and other components that you would like to place inside of the console. You should measure your television, or the television you intend to purchase, before you purchase the furniture you plan to house it in or on and have the outside dimensions available in width, depth, and height.

Measuring Guide

At Abbyson Living, we want to ensure your new furniture is delivered successfully. This guide provides important measurement and obstruction information you should consider before you purchase your furniture and have it delivered.

measuring for your delivery

Measure the diagonal depth and width of the furniture as seen below to determine if it will fit through your home's entry ways.

Sofa length L must be less than entryway dimension 1, stairway dimensions 5, 4 & 3 on all interior doorway 7 or 8.

Sofa diagonal depth DD must be less than the entryway dimension 2, stairway dimensions 5, 4 & 3 and all interior doorways 7 or 8.

preparing for your delivery

Before purchasing your new furniture, note all important measurements and obstructions so you can ensure a successful delivery.

Before our delivery team arrives, prepare your home by doing the following: (Please be aware that our delivery team is unable to make these or other preparations for you.)

  • •  Secure low-hanging light fixtures
  • •  Remove doors if necessary
  • •  Remove pictures or art
  • •  Put pets in another room
  • •  Set rugs in place
  • •  Move other furniture

During delivery, please inspect your furniture thoroughly and report any damage to our delivery team so we can resolve the issue promptly. Please note: we will not hoist furniture or remove windows.


  • • Can our delivery truck fit down your road?
  • • Can your driveway hold a 26ft truck?
  • • Will your size hallway allow our team through with your product?
  • • Will the furniture fit up your stairway?
  • • Will the furniture fit through all doorways?
  • • Is your room ready for the product?
  •   1   Exterior/Front doorway height
  •   2   Exterior/Front doorway width & clearance to
          opposite wall
  •   3   Stairwell overhang/ceiling height
  •   4   Staircase corner width & clearance to opposite
          wall upstairs
  •   5   Staircase width
  •   6   Low-hanging light fixtures
  •   7   Interior doorway width & clearance to
          opposite wall
  •   8   Interior doorway height

For apartment buildings or homes with elevators, it is important to measure the elevator interior height, elevator opening and opposite wall distance.

How We Measure Your Furniture

We measure your furniture by length, width and height as seen below to determine how much floor and wall space your new furniture will occupy.

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