TNT's Inside Job

"This television series featuring Abbyson Living is going to offer tons of drama and suspense. We are very excited to be a part of such a ground-breaking series and are looking forward to the anticipation of the interview process."

Did you see TNT’s reality series “Inside Job,” broadcast March 27, 2014 (Season 1, Episode 4), featuring Abbyson Living?

If you didn’t see the original broadcast, you have a second chance to see it at your convenience.

Watch this fun episode by clicking below.

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Inside Job featured one of America's hottest companies, inviting four highly qualified job candidates to compete for a six-figure executive position. For one week, they lived together, worked together and played together as part of the interview and hiring process.

What the candidates didn't know, however, was that one of their fellow candidates was already a management executive of the company. This undercover insider has monitored every move the job candidates made -- good or bad -- and reported the findings back to the boss. At the end of the week, the insider was revealed, and it was the insider who decided who was the most deserving candidate to be offered the job of a lifetime.

Abbyson Living joined House of Blues, Johnny Rockets, Mazda, and Shoedazzle as one of the brands featuring their own episodes.

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